Interior Painting

Why You Need to Paint

Perhaps your mother is visiting from Europe for the first time in 17 years, and the home looks exactly the same as it did when she was here last – plus those years of wear & tear. A little drastic maybe, but there are plenty of other reasons, and they’re all just as good.

Whether your kids have trashed the floors; your cat has a love affair with a certain section of each and every doorframe; your engineering consulting firm just moved in to a space formerly occupied by a balloon factory; or you’ve simply grown tired of Eggshell & Seafoam Green, it’s time to freshen things up.

When You Need To Paint

It’s nothing to worry about. Our 10-step process takes you from A to B with ease and keeps you involved as much or as little as you would like along the way. We’ll be in and out before you know it, and we take special care to work around the regular day-to-day operations of your family or your business.

  1. Quote – Our personalized consultations are free of charge and carry no obligation, implied or otherwise. They can almost always be carried out within 24 hours of contact. Interior estimates are slightly more involved due to their inaccessibility without the client present. As soon as a working relationship is confirmed, we do a walk-around to establish a firm understanding of the project at hand and to explain what we will be doing and how.
  2. Equipment Drop – We designate a working area within the building that can house our equipment for the duration of the job. We have the utmost respect for personal property and sensitive business operations and will work with you to ensure we remain as inconspicuous and convenient as possible.
  3. Move Furniture/Place protective coverings – Home and business owners are typically very attached to their décor and furnishings, so we approach this step with a high level of care, not performing any significant prep or painting work before you’re satisfied with how everything is protected and squared away.
  4. Job Preparation – Unquestionably one of the most important elements of the big picture, and a part of the job into which we pour extraordinary effort to ensure it’s done well. Scraping, Filling, Caulking & Sanding prepares bare wood, siding, concrete & other surfaces for the final bright and beautiful coat of paint you’ve been visualizing. Just before we begin Priming and Painting, we Tape and Paper any windows, mouldings, doorframes & other surfaces that need protection. Even the best coat of paint is only as good as the surface beneath it and the work that’s gone in to making everything perfect prior to paint.
  5. Paint Ceilings – A delicate process that requires fine control of paint volume applied. Too much will cause drips and a general mess; too little will show through at completion and cause the space to feel incomplete. We take our time, and we do it right.
  6. Paint Walls – Large wall spaces are notorious for runs and have to be done in one fell swoop, often with more coats than other areas. They’re the object of the critic’s eye, and also take the most abuse. They’re also fun, because they’re easy to customize with everything from intricate designs, contrasting colours, or faint textural stripes etc. They’re a blank canvas, really (sorry…).
  7. Paint Trim – As with the exterior jobs, interior trim can often be of different material and require different paint. Inside trim is also the object of heavy use and abuse; doorjambs and frames, window frames, the mantle, built-in shelves – all of these see regular use and require more care to finish properly. Which is exactly why we do them last and make sure they’re done well.
  8. Touch Ups – We go through the space with a fine-toothed comb, fixing any mistakes and using bright, direct lighting to pick out and touch up imperfections. We revisit any areas especially vulnerable to repeat use and consider whether the finished product will stand the test of time.
  9. Inspection – We take a careful walk through the building with you to confirm everything meets or exceeds your expectations.
  10. Clean Up – Usually taking no more than a couple of hours, we remove all equipment & supplies from the premises and ensure the property is in a similar or better state of affairs than when we arrived. We take our leave, making sure you know how to reach us in case any issues arise or you have some feedback to pass on.

If this sounds good and you want to get started with step number 1, request your personalized consultation right now