Our Process


We’re flexible and cognizant of your needs as a manager or homeowner, and will immediately work to establish the best use of your time and resources.

What to Expect

Quote – You can expect us to show up on time to your painting consultation. Once we’ve introduced ourselves ,we’ll start by answering any questions you may have and ask you some of our own questions so that we fully understand what you want to accomplish. After we’ve created an outline of the scope of the project, we’ll measure the house and inspect the current state of the paint. Once we have thoroughly inspected the property we will prepare and present a detailed quote. Before we leave we will provide our estimated availability and answer any questions you may have.

Painting – Our process consists of 9 (Exterior) or 10 (Interior) simple steps, each one undertaken with care, responsibility, and a respect for the personal nature of painting someone’s property or source of income. We don’t have a fancy acronym that helps you remember what stage the project is at by spelling out the word – we simply talk it all out, get rolling in an expedient manner and guarantee our work.

We would be thrilled to talk you through the whole procedure. A Personalized Consultation is the best way to really sort out what it is you need to see done to the space in question, and how our approach can be tailored to fit the bill.