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Why You Need Exterior Painting Services in Victoria. BC

Curb Appeal and Structural Integrity. Four seemingly simple words, but so very loaded with value. You may very well have the best built home on the block, but if it’s the wrong color or doesn’t quite stand out like the one that’s for sale across the street, it doesn’t matter. Making your home pop off the curb with a quality paint job and an attractive palette will make it easier to sell, prettier to look at, and a point of pride when hosting next year’s family reunion.

Equally, if not more important, a freshly painted house is a well protected one. Good prep work; careful priming and painting; and proactive treatment, cleaning and touch ups will ensure that your home’s structural integrity remains and that nasty weather or animal-borne maladies don’t affect things for the worse anytime soon.

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When Your Home Exterior Needs Painting

It’s nothing to worry about. Our 9-step process takes you from A to B with ease and keeps you involved as much or as little as you would like to be along the way.
1. Quote – Our quotes are almost always free of charge and carry no obligation, implied or otherwise. Exterior work is slightly quicker to estimate due to its accessibility; we make an effort to be available for a personalized consultation within 24 hours of first contact. While we don’t require the client to be present for the initial viewing, as soon as a working relationship is confirmed, we do a walk-around to establish a firm understanding of the project at hand and to explain what we will be doing and how.
2. Pressure Wash as Required – Every painting surface and some of the surrounding area must be properly prepared for our work to be effective. Typically, 4-8 hours of pressure washing and spot-cleaning will be enough to begin work in earnest. Larger jobs will require a step-by-step wash and paint schedule, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.
3. Equipment Drop – We designate a working area of the property that can house our equipment for the duration of the job. We have the utmost respect for personal property and sensitive business operations and will work with the client ensure we remain as inconspicuous and convenient as possible.
4. Job Preparation – The dirty work, but unquestionably one of the most important elements of the big picture and a portion of work in which we take our time to ensure it’s done well. Scraping, Filling, Caulking, Sanding prepares bare wood, concrete, and other surfaces for the final bright and beautiful coat of paint you’ve been visualizing. Finally, after the final clean, just before we begin Priming and Painting, we Tape and Paper any windows and other surfaces that need protection.


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5. Paint Main – Usually a relatively straightforward process, this is when you can begin to see the final product come together.
6. Paint Trim – Painstaking at times, but ultimately very rewarding, painting the trim is when the project becomes one. Some trim will require different paints depending on the material difference from the main area (wood trim vs concrete or vinyl siding). This will have been determined well in advance, however, and typically won’t delay the process.
7. Touch Ups – We review the entirety of the structure, fix any mistakes and touch up any imperfections. We revisit any areas especially vulnerable to the weather or other external factors and consider whether the finished product will stand the test of time.
8. Inspection – We take a careful walk around alongside the client to confirm everything is completed as desired. Then we all stand back and admire the brightest, most beautiful building on the block.
9. Clean Up – Usually taking no more than a couple of hours, we remove all equipment & supplies from the premises and ensure the property is in a similar or better state of affairs than when we arrived. We take our leave, making sure you know how to reach us in case any issues arise or you have some feedback to pass on.

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