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What is Japandi Style?

Japandi is a hybrid interior design aesthetics of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. People mostly as what is Japandi style and how does it look on home decor, well, the style is a minimal, calm and functional design with touches of Wabi-Sabi imperfections. At its core, Japandi style has simplicity as its main element of both Japanese and Scandinavian styles. The Japanese wabi-sabi style focuses on finding beauty in imperfect designs. In contrast, the “hygge” of Scandinavian trend focuses on creating a warm and calming atmosphere that brings both the techniques together to deliver best of both.

Though both these styles come from different parts of the globe, the pairing of these two principles is because of a shared notion, and that is minimalist simplicity. The difference between these two styles is that Nordic designs add rustic details to gain variance where the Japanese style has sleekness. The vibrant color palettes of Japanese style provide more warmth with neutral tendencies of Scandinavian decor. The shared principle and different design styles make a mashup known as Japandi.

What are Japandi Colors?

Now that you have some idea about the style, let us find out what are Japandi colors. Just as contrasting colors are the key to color schemes, Japandi is no different. In the case of Japandi style, the color schemes are what sets the trend in motion and how the makes way for an exciting look. Firstly, users need to have an understanding of shades of colors. On the one hand, the Nordic style has light hues with natural wood and pastel accents, whereas Japanese style has characteristics of more vibrant tones built with stained wood with additions of black and red.

How to Add Japandi Style in Home Décor?

Now we know what is Japandi style and the color patterns it has. Let us now see how we can incorporate this hybrid style into our home décor.

  • Appreciate Simplicity

Japandi style is all about minimalistic simplicity, and so it keeps the space as much airy as possible and decluttered for maximum tranquility. Decorative accessories are not a big part of both Japanese and Scandi design styles. Hence, quality needs your focus rather than quantity to choose a few simple accessories for décor. Soft and cozy textured items are part of Scandinavian style while Japanese decoration embodies utilitarian abode. Simply combining these two styles is the first step to add Japandi into home decor.

  • Add Natural Materials

For Japandi style, wood is a natural material along with other natural pieces like bamboo, rattan, and paper so using these as much as possible makes sense. Use a bamboo wallpaper or choose furniture made from rattan like a cupboard. Mixing light and bold wood is an excellent way to incorporate hybrid style into your home decor. Try adding various translucent and light paper like origami paper, which is a great accent to include due to the light style. Adding plants is also a part of the Japandi style in which clean lines of minimalistic look and vibrancy through houseplants. A Japanese feel and greenery is what the bonsai tree makes one feel.

  • Muted Shades and Contrasting Colors

When it comes time to use color palettes, do not use too bright or intense colors on walls. Instead, go for plain off-white for a neutral paint shade and add more warmth with natural fiber rugs and colored wood along with color schemes in the room. An example of accent colors in Japandi style includes soft tones of light grey with pale pink, blue, and pastel green. You can also add sparingly more profound richness using dark colors like charcoal grey, black, or emerald green.

  • Low Space

All the furniture in Japanese décor tends to be low lying that satisfies culture needs to be as close to the earth as possible, and that is the core part of Japandi style. Try incorporating small benches, chairs, and stools for living rooms while using low beds for bedrooms. Ensure you have open space around each furniture to align it with the Scandi style.

Final Word

Not that you know what are Japandi color and styles, you can use that information to incorporate hybrid design into your home décor. Japandi style has all the right ingredients to become your long- standing home décor style. The design, with its mix of classical style, subtle colors, furniture, and natural material, give it a look to prefer. While other styles may become outdated due to singularity, Japandi style is here to stay due to its hybrid capabilities.